Co Curricular Activities

The school curriculum is conceived as the totality of learning experience that the school provides for the pupils  through all the manifold activities in the school or outside that are carried on under its supervision.

Progressive education stresses that the school becomes a center of vigorous life and provides different types of activities for children. Observation and experience should become prime educators .  The motto of the educator is  “Tell the pupil as little as possible and lead him to tell as much as possible from his observation and education” The productive and creative activities become the center of learning.’ Learning by Doing’ and ‘Learning by Living’ are the two slogans of  education.

     Productive and creative activities help in the development of , 4 Hs-  Head,  Heart , Hand and  Health.

Value of Co-Curricular Activities:-

1.     The creative and constructive activities provide for the expression of the children’s individual talents .They get preliminary training for their future vocation.

2.     Co –Curricular activities  are important for the development of the whole man-mentally , spiritually , socially and vocationally.

3.     By participating  in Co-curricular activities pupils learn valuable lessons in practical  co-operations and the habit of team work.

4.     Education for leisure is as important as education for work . If recreational interests are developed during school life they prove to be very beneficial in the leisure hours of adult life and make life fuller and richer.

5.     Co-curricular activities develop qualities of leadership. While organizing programmes and facing difficult situations students learn the virtues of initiative , clear thinking , originality  resourcefulness , tolerance , patience , enthusiasm, self confidence and self reliance .

There are many other numerous  advantages. –


       This  year the Vidyalaya would organize various types of Co-curricular Activities at three levels,

              Group A-    VI & VII classes

              Group B-    VIII & IX classes.

              Group C.     X, XI & XII Classes


To make the activities competitive , all activities shall be inter house . All HMs /AHMs should encourage as many students as  possible to take part in these activities .They will provide a list of students of their house for all competitions to the coordinators in time.

 For each level three teachers are identified as coordinators. They shall plan and conduct activities as per the calendar and maintain records. The coordinators will plan in advance, use all their imagination, provide enough information build up and make all arrangements.

 All other teachers  are associated with any one group . They will all be present for these activities and help the coordinators conduct the programmes smoothly.

The PETs ,SUPW ,Art and Music Teachers will also be present and help the coordinators of all groups.


Other Points :-

1.       CCA will be conducted on Saturdays.

2.       First week CCA will be section wise in which the participants can speak on the topic of their own choice.

3.       Second week CCA group wise.

4.       Third week CCA together in MP hall(Subject Club activities).

5.       Last Saturday Mini Cultural programme in MP hall and 20mins. For each house.

6.       Calendar for the whole month should be displayed one month before by CCA in – charge.

7.       To have interschool activities once in a term where neighboring schools will participate in the activities.

8.       Points of debate or impromptu talk should be given by subject teachers.  All the activities should be house wise.  Teacher should guide the students.

9.       Activities should be interesting and should not be monotonous.

10.   Experts should be called to teach cultural dances of various cultures and regions.


                                                      CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES